Helene Pelosse

Helene Pelosse

Director General, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Ziad Tassabehji

Ziad Tassabehji

Director Utilities and Asset Management, Masdar

Abhay Bhargava

Abhay Bhargava

Frost & Sullivan: Industry Manager - Middle East & North Africa | Energy & Power


What does the future hold for renewable energy in the Middle East?

Duration: 1 hours

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Speaking at a business forum in the Middle East as recently as October of this year, the former US vice president and eminent climate change campaigner Al Gore urged Gulf leaders to be proactive in capturing the world’s renewable energy market.

Gore, whose campaigning on climate change won him a share of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, said that GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nations have wealth in their legacy from oil and gas, and the ability to take advantage of energy markets worldwide where alternative energy will play a key role.

These potential markets should be a very powerful incentive for the Middle East to invest in renewable energy, as should the need for energy-hungry technologies like desalination that is needed to address potable water challenges in desert countries.

But despite these drivers, and despite having as good a solar resource as anywhere in the world, do countries in the Middle East really have the appetite to develop renewable energy technologies and markets, especially when their fossil fuel heritage ensures low electricity prices?

This webinar will:

  • Hear from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), on how it could play a role in developing renewables in the Middle East;
  • Examine the current renewable energy situation in the Middle East;
  • Look at the progress being made in countries like the United Arab Emirates which – through the Masdar, Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company – is aiming to become a global leader in sustainable energy technologies.

This webinar is for:

Anyone with an interest in renewable energy and its markets worldwide, especially project developers and finance providers looking at potential markets and opportunities.


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