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Importance of the US smart grid not matched by its PR

Sentec, a UK-based product development company with a particular focus on energy management and metering, has posed the question “What will be the impact of the smart grid on the US clean tech industry?”

“A significant proportion of those surveyed – 69% – believe that the smart grid will have a major impact on their business. However, almost the same number – 62% – think that the industry has been largely unsuccessful in publicising the smart grid,” says Hermione Crease, Marketing Manager at Sentec.

“As the concept of the smart grid looks set to be to be replicated elsewhere, the importance of putting in place a comprehensive plan to promote the benefits of the smart grid to all stakeholders cannot be underestimated,” she adds.

Other results from Sentec’s survey showed that ‘greater operational efficiency for the electricity grid’ was believed to be the most important feature of the smart grid, with ‘easy integration for distributed generation products’ a close second.

Further details on the survey were not available.

Sentec develops and licenses technology in the utility sector with a particular focus on energy management and smart grids. It also offers product development consulting in a wider range of industries.

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