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AREVA T&D ensures Irish wind farm grid compliance

AREVA’s Transmission and Distribution will aid Airtricity achieving grid compliance for Dunneill Wind Farm in Co Sligo, Ireland.

The Dunneill Wind Farm project is an 11 MW, 13 turbine wind farm extension of the King’s Mountain 25 MW, 10 turbine wind farm. Both wind farms are set to be connected to the TSO (Transmission Service Operator) Eirgrid transmission system at the Cunghill 110 kV substation.

In partnership with Mantle PQD (Power Quality Design), AREVA T&D will use its STATCOM SVC MaxSine solution to ensure full wind farm Grid Code compliance, as implemented by National Grid back in 2009.

Performance tests on the solution will be are carried out by a custom-made Real Time Digital Simulation (RTDS®) system. The STATCOM has the capability to respond in less than one millisecond to any voltage change to ensure Grid Code compliance, AREVA says.

Since the compensation current of the SVC MaxSine is regulated, the compensation quality is independent of both network impedance and of the mains voltage distortion that could be caused by voltage harmonics, dips or flicker.

The operation of other loads connected to the network is not influenced by the shunt active filter, MaxSine Unit.

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