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Solar PV could overshoot Mediterranean Solar Plan 20 GW target

That is the conclusion following a two-day conference on the Mediterranean Solar Plan (MSP) where representatives from 43 Mediterranean countries discussed the potential for solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity in the region.

Its prime objective is to develop 20 GW of solar PV electricity capacity by 2020 in the Southern Mediterranean area, as well as the necessary infrastructures for the electricity interconnection with Europe.

The conference is intended to enhance and facilitate the implementation of the MSP in terms of infrastructural requirements, policy frameworks and associated financing.

Last year, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) released its SET For 2020 study, showing that, provided specific boundary conditions are met, solar PV installed capacity could reach up to 390 GWp in Europe by 2020, representing 12% of the electricity demand by then.

A key element for the development of the MSP is now the adoption and implementation of sustainable legal and institutional frameworks in Mediterranean countries, enabling the deployment of renewable energies and the facilitation of exchange of electricity.

Provided favourable regulatory and policy conditions are in place, the competitive potential of solar PV combined with strong growth in electricity demand in most MENA countries will represent a massive opportunity to deploy PV in these countries.

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