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Tidal energy projects to be developed in Nova Scotia

Marine Current Turbines (MCT) has agreed a partnership with Canada’s Minas Basin Pulp and Power Company (MBPP) to demonstrate and develop tidal power technology and facilities in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Working in partnership with MBPP, British MCT will participate in the tidal power demonstration centre established by the Province of Nova Scotia. The two companies intend to deploy a 1.5 MW tidal generator when the in-stream tidal energy centre enters full operation and is connected to the Nova Scotia grid.

Scott Travers, President and Chief Operating Officer of MBPP, says: “We were one of the original developers of power generation, transmission and distribution in Nova Scotia, and we still operate a major renewable hydro generating facility. Tidal power has significant potential benefits for all Nova Scotians.”

"We hope first to be in a position to address the potential investment and job creation prize for Nova Scotians when tidal power commercial development moves to the next step. There is a potential new industry here employing hundreds of people in operations and manufacturing and deployment of tidal power technology, here and globally," Travers adds.

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