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TUV NEL supporting UK wind power

Glasgow-based measurement and testing specialist, TUV NEL, and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to assist the growth of the UK’s wind energy industry.

TUV NEL’s initiative, supported by DECC, will see the expansion of the company’s Myres Hill wind turbine test site.

The latest funding for £750,000 will help support the development of 10 new wind turbine test pads at Myres Hill test site for public use by industry, certification and test organisations.

Standards for small wind

TUV NEL will also carry out a DECC sponsored research and development project to investigate some of the issues surrounding the implementation of the standards established under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), which was introduced in 2006 to verify the performance, reliability, and safety of wind turbines.

Alistair Mackinnon of TUV NEL has said significant efforts were required to perform the testing necessary to comply with the MCS standards for wind turbines.

It was proving to be a challenge to undertake this testing at a cost that was acceptable to the small wind industry. In view of this, DECC has sponsored an R&D project, which is aimed at exploring the potential for streamlining the certification process and identifying improvements that can be made to the overall process of achieving MCS certification for small wind turbines.

“This project should lead to the development of a more cost effective MCS testing and certification process that reduces the costs for manufacturers of small wind turbines and lowers the perceived barriers of certification,” says Alistair.

Other benefits of the project could include more appropriate test standards and improved test procedures. Small wind turbine users will also benefit from improved confidence in product yield data, durability and safety.

The project

TUV NEL will work in collaboration with NaREC, BRE Global and British Board of Agrément, as well as with a number of manufacturers, test laboratories and certification bodies to administer this project.

The aim is to focus on the complete MCS process, from product testing through to final product certification.

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