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Double ROCs available for small wind turbines in the UK

Double Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) will become available across the UK in April 2009.

According to Proven Energy, a supplier of small scale wind turbines, this means shorter return times on investment in small wind turbines.

Andrew McMullan, CEO of Proven Energy says: “This is a step forward for the small wind industry. It makes wind turbines even more attractive to potential buyers as the pay back periods are further reduced”.

A ROC is a green certificate that can be issued to those generating their own renewable energy through a small scale wind turbine or other renewable energy sources. For every MWh of eligible renewable energy generated, the owner will receive a payback from a licensed electricity utility company.

The Renewables Obligation is driven by a responsibility on UK electricity suppliers to source a portion of their electricity from renewable sources. Independent production helps electricity suppliers meet this obligation.

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