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AFC Energy continues progress in commercializing alkaline fuel cell system

In the UK, alkaline fuel cell developer AFC Energy reports that it has received a positive independent interim review of its technical activities from the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI).

The independent technology review – conducted by Dr Jon Helliwell, Project Manager for Fuel Cell Applications at the CPI – highlights strong progress in commercializing low-cost alkaline fuel cell systems at AFC Energy.

The CPI review says that AFC Energy has built on the learning gained from its 3.5 kW alpha system to increase the volumetric density of its fuel cell modules, while reducing the complexity, component count, and cost.

This will allow AFC Energy to design a scalable alkaline fuel cell power system capable of providing the power requirements its partners expect. The work carried out on these concepts since the last review (in October 2009) indicates that the proposed 50 kW system will be achievable. AFC Energy has also learnt from the use of a monolithic manifold to create a simplified manifold concept.

In addition, the company has purchased a number of items of equipment that significantly improve its capabilities in materials characterization, electrode development, and pilot manufacture.

AFC Energy has also established arrangements with key partners – such as Linc Energy, Centrica, Air Products, and WSP Group – that will give it routes to market and underpin the demonstration of its technology.

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ducky said

23 November 2010
More AFC research and papers here...

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