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UPS Systems supplies fuel cell for demonstration project

UPS Systems plc is supplying a methanol fuel cell to Islington Borough Council, London, UK, for use in its demonstration project promoting the benefits of clean energy technology.

UPS Systems is supplying an EFOY 1600 methanol fuel cell encased in ‘Pro-Cube’ housing as well as an inverter and additional methanol canister.

At just 7 kg the fuel cell is lightweight and compact making it easier to transport between several locations and is virtually silent when running. EFOY 1600 fuel cells are intended solely for recreational and leisure purposes providing 1600 Wh per day for household and office appliances. The EFOY and EFOY Pro range fuel cells are distributed in the UK by UPS Systems for Germany-based Smart Fuel Cells.

Zoë Hatherly, Sustainability Officer at Islington Borough Council says: “We were keen to use fuel cells instead of conventional power because they offer a clean energy solution. The fuel cell will be on display in several locations across London and will be made available to anyone in the Council to use... If the project is a success, we may go on to invest in other fuel cell technology.”

The project is funded by Transport for London through the Council’s ‘Local Implementation Plan’.

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