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10 MW concentrated solar thermal power in Hawaii

Albiasa Corporation has received a Letter of Intent (LoI) from Pacific Light and Power (PLP) to supply solar collection and thermal energy storage technology and equipment for its 10 MW PLP Kauai 1 project in Hawaii.

Albiasa and PLP are also working with Ram Power, Inc. (RPI) to incorporate within PLP Kauai 1 RPI’s technology for thermal to electrical power conversion. RPI’s technology combines traditional steam turbine equipment with an organic Rankine cycle to extend power production from solar resources and enhance part load performance.

Situated on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, PLP Kauai 1 will be the first utility scale renewable power generation facility in Kauai and the largest solar project in Hawaii, according to Albiasa, which will provide 1488 parabolic troughs for the concentrating solar project.

PLP is currently negotiating a long term power purchase agreement with Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC).

Construction of the solar thermal project is scheduled to begin late this year and could be completed as early as the end of 2011. PLP Kauai 1 will include up to 3 hours of heat transfer fluid storage.

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