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Solar developer completes solar-wind installation for US university

Constellation Energy has installed a 1.2 MW solar and wind power system at the University of Toledo's Scott Park Campus of Energy and Innovation in Ohio.

The campus will use solar energy and wind power to generate electricity while the technologies provide students with a first-hand exposure to renewable technologies.

“Renewables have a two-fold importance for colleges and universities that are looking to improve their sustainability and expose students to careers in alternative energy," explains Mark Huston. “We are proud to have developed this project with the University of Toledo and look forward to years of clean energy production as well as years of inspiration for a generation of students that will embark on green careers.”

The project uses thin-film-on-glass solar photovoltaic technology that was developed from research originally done at the University of Toledo, combined with a 132-foot wind turbine. Together, the solar and wind systems will generate power equivalent to the demand from 140 homes.

Saves money and teachers new generation of students

“The creation and production of clean, renewable energy sources is vital to the way we power our world,” adds university president Lloyd Jacobs. “Our relationship with Constellation Energy for the solar and wind electric generation systems on that campus will help students and researchers advance the technology that will power our future.”

Constellation Energy finances, designs, constructs and owns the solar installations and supplies green power to customer over a 20-year period. The model requires no up-front capital from its customers, and its subsidiary Projects & Services Group has developed renewable energy projects for universities throughout the United States, including a 17 MW system under development at Mount St. Mary's University in Emmitsburg, Maryland that will be one of the largest solar installations in the US.

Constellation Energy has 25 MW of solar projects completed or under development and, last month, said it has set aside US$90m to fund development of similar solar installations in 2010. Qualifying projects of 500 kW generally require 100,000 ft2 of roof space or two acres of open ground.

Constellation Energy supplies energy products and services to electric and natural gas customers in the US and Canada, with 7,100 MW of generating capacity. It is also pursuing the development of new nuclear reactors.

It delivers electricity and natural gas through Baltimore Gas & Electric, its regulated utility in central Maryland. It has annual revenues of US$15.6 billion.

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