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2.4 MW solar rooftop installation uses PV Powered inverters

PV Powered Inc’s inverters are being used in a 2.4 MW solar thin-film rooftop installation in Portland, Oregon, USA.

The solar rooftop project, which will be managed by a joint venture between Portland General Electric (PGE) and U.S. Bank, will cover approximately 900,000 ft2 on the rooftops of 7 ProLogis distribution warehouses in the Portland area with thin-film solar panels.

The thin-film solar modules were provided by Advanced Green Technologies, a supplier of solar solutions for utility scale, industrial, commercial and residential installations.

PV Powered’s solar inverters, including the PVP 100 kW and PVP 260 kW being installed in the ProLogis project, are designed with fewer components than many other commercial inverters.

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