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  • Smart grid market could reach US$15.8bn
    The smart grid market is set to grow from today’s US$4.5 billion to US$15.8bn by 2015, according to Lux Research.
  • GridWise Alliance releases two smart grid reports
    The GridWise Alliance has released two reports detailing the most important metrics associated with measuring and understanding smart grid success.
  • Smart grids – a smart idea?
    With the EU’s goal of 20% renewable energy by 2020, and the UK government’s plan to roll out smart meters to all domestic customers by the same time, the way has been paved for smart grids. Global energy consumption is set to triple by 2050, and power networks need to transform into intelligent systems that will save energy, accommodate increasing amounts of renewable energy, and ensure supply security.


US smart grid grant tax-exemption

Awardees under the US$3.4 billion Smart Grid Investment Grant programme in the USA will not have to pay tax on funding under the grant.

The US Department of Treasury and the Department of Energy (DoE) have released guidance on the tax treatment of those receiving smart grid grants, determining that Smart Grid Investment Grants to corporations are non-taxable.

“By clarifying the tax treatment of Smart Grid Investment Grants, we are ensuring that their full impact is felt in the communities where these investments are being made,” says Treasury Assistant Secretary for Management, Dan Tangherlini.

Katherine Hamilton, President of the GridWise Alliance, welcomes the tax clarification: “Now these smart grid technologies can be deployed and begin doing what they are intended for – stimulating the economy.”

The Smart Grid Grant

The US$3.4bn Smart Grid Investment grant programme is the largest single energy grid modernisation investment in US history. Through the programme, 100 private companies, utilities, manufacturers, cities and other partners are receiving funding to implement a broad range of technologies spurring the transition to a smart grid.

According to awardees, the smart grid projects could create tens of thousands of jobs.

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