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Spain grants €2.1m for wave energy device

The Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation (MICINN) has granted €2.1 million for the development of the Wave Energy Lift Converter Multiple España (WELCOME) wave power generator project.

The proposed wave energy system is based on the APC-PISYS technology, a device designed with multiple collectors and complementary converters.

It is expected that under similar swell conditions, a multiple system as the one proposed, will double-up both the power and energy generation of the best single-use wave energy technologies.

The 1:5 scale wave energy device prototype, operated in typical Canary Island’s mean-swell conditions, is expected to generate 100-120 kW.

Led by PIPO SYSTEMS, the wave energy project is also developed by a Spanish consortium composed of the company ANORTEC and two public research institutions: Plataforma Oceanica de Canarias (PLOCAN) and Consorcio Escuela Industrial Barcelona (CEIB).

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