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US health group saves money on renewable energy

A non-profit network of healthcare providers in the eastern United States could save US$1.25 million over the next three years after locking in electricity rates through a renewable energy purchasing contract.

Adventist HealthCare says the deal covers 7 facilities in the states of Maryland and New Jersey, and will allow those facilities to count renewable energy as 10% of their total electricity use.

The auction in January was conducted with World Energy Solutions through the World Energy Exchange. The savings of US$1.25m over its current contracts allows the organisation to lock in attractive power rates through mid-2013.

Aggregation of energy contracts allows purchase of renewable energy

Adventist HealthCare and its consultant, The Walker Group, worked with World Energy to identify ways to manage its energy portfolio, including an understanding of the hidden costs in its current contracts. World Energy pulled the multiple electricity contracts and terms into a single, structured procurement that attracted regional energy suppliers to bid on the business.

“With the help of World Energy, Adventist HealthCare has become a savvier, greener energy buyer," explains William Robertson. “The money we have saved with World Energy will help us invest in long-term energy efficiency initiatives while advancing our overall mission of providing quality care to our patients.”

Adventist Healthcare

Adventist Healthcare is an integrated health-care delivery organisation that is one of the largest employers in the state of Maryland. It was created in 1903 by Seventh-day Adventists to improve the health of people and communities through a ministry of physical, mental and spiritual healing.

World Energy Solutions operates online exchanges for energy and green commodities. Its World Green Exchange® supports the cap and trade programme for CO2 emissions under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

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