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EU money for electricity interconnection

The European Commission has allocated €910 million for 12 electricity interconnection projects as part of its broader European Economic Recovery Plan.

The electricity interconnector projects receiving funding include the France-Spain interconnection, which has been planned for a long time.

“Despite the importance of this connection, which will allow Spain to exchange more electricity with other European countries and ensure interconnectivity between continental Europe and the Iberian Peninsula, the project has suffered continual setbacks since its conception in the 1980s,” says Paul Wilczek, Regulatory Affairs Advisor for the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

“This funding is a great boost for the integration of wind power in Europe and will improve the operation of Europe’s electricity markets and benefit consumers,” he adds.

Funds will also be allocated to a link between Sweden and the Baltic States, the Nordbalt line, as well as to reinforce an electricity interconnection between Finland and Estonia, Estlink-2, amongst other transmission lines.

“If we want to fully exploit the potential of renewable energies, create a truly European power market, and keep electricity prices low for consumers, we need to connect the whole of Europe,” Wilczek says. “These projects are a good start and the right way forward. Europe now needs to carry on developing the interconnectivity of its electricity grids.”

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