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SFC EFOY fuel cell powers Altec mobile security and fire watch system

Altec, a French specialist in security, surveillance, and fire watch systems, has launched the mobile Sentinelle visual and thermal camera system. The Sentinelle, designed for fire watch and observation applications, is powered by an EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell supplied by SFC Smart Fuel Cell.

The Sentinelle camera system was designed in cooperation with German-based SFC Smart Fuel Cell, a leading supplier of direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) products for mobile and off-grid power applications. It was unveiled at SICUR, the International Security, Safety & Fire Exhibition taking place this week in Madrid, Spain.

For reliable, autonomous operation over periods of weeks, the Sentinelle is powered by the EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell from SFC. The EFOY Pro equipped Sentinelle system will be rolled out internationally to operators of fire watch and surveillance equipment.

When it comes to preventing forest fires, or danger and theft at construction sites, fire brigades and operators often face the problem of having to ensure reliable observation for defined periods of time. Many locations, where observation is needed, do not have access to the electric grid, which requires significant logistical support for exchanging batteries.

The mobile Sentinelle camera system can be easily transported to the site of operation, and installation takes only a few minutes. The system is operated completely remotely, connected to a central observation station.

Powered by SFC’s EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell, the Sentinelle unit will work unattended in the field for up to 20 days without requiring any user intervention. This compares with only 48 hours when operated just using batteries. The logistical advantages of a 10-fold extension of unattended operating time are enormous.

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