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Paralana geothermal project meets temperature expectations

Temperature measurements taken at the Paralana geothermal energy joint venture project north of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, is meeting expectations, according to Petratherm.

Petratherm Managing Director Terry Kallis says the temperature measurements have taken significant risk out of the company’s flagship Paralana project: “Temperatures of 190ºC at 4000 m are significantly higher than our minimum temperature of 170ºC that we have targeted for the economic development of the Paralana resource.”

He adds: “The nearest deep well to the Paralana 2 well is some 90 km away. However, Petratherm has been able to successfully identify the Paralana site as a high temperature geothermal target using its unique approach. This involves identifying large granites buried deeply with good quality insulating rocks covering them to trap the heat resource.”

Petratherm and joint venture partners Beach Energy and TRUenergy announced the successful completion of the Paralana 2 deep injector well in December last year.

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