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SunPower delivers 32 MW of solar panels to Toshiba

SunPower Corp will deliver 32 MW of solar panels to Toshiba Corporation in 2010.

The SunPower solar panels will form a major part of Toshiba's new residential solar offering in Japan, to be launched on 1 April.

SunPower CEO Tom Werner, says: "SunPower panels are particularly well suited to Japan's residential market, where the new Japanese feed-in-tariff rewards production of solar energy in excess of domestic consumption, but available roof area is typically quite small. SunPower high efficiency systems will allow more customers to take advantage of this incentive."

SunPower almost doubled production of its solar cells and panels from 2008 to 2009, with 2009 cell production of approximately 400 MW. In 2010, the company intends to expand production further with new manufacturing operations in Malaysia, the USA and Europe.

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