The importance of intellectual property for renewable energy companies

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Many renewable energy companies have intellectual property (IP) at their heart - the unique aspect of the company, whether it be a new technology or application. But does this IP have the potential to attract investors and, eventually, a market? Are you making the most of it?

Private and public investment in low-carbon and renewable energy technology continues to grow at a rapid pace as new consortiums, research alliances, venture capital, private equity and technology innovation start-ups are established.

In recent months the role of intellectual property (IP) in low-carbon and renewable energy solutions, commercialisation and climate change policy has gained an unusual prominence in public debates.

But beyond the headlines, how important is IP in the low-carbon and renewable energy future?

And on a practical level, how can an entrepreneur or company executive maximise the benefit from patent portfolios – and use it to support the business objective?

Intellectual property experts Ilian Iliev and Mark Meyer provide some guidance on leverating this key asset for renewable energy companies in the downloadable article on the right hand side of this page.

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