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Master certificate in renewable energy

Boots on the Roof, a US provider of renewable energy training and education, is now offering a Master Certificate in Renewable Energy programme.

“More jobs now focus on the green sector, and those with the right skills and training will find it easier to compete and succeed in that market,” explains Navraj Bawa, Executive Vice President of Boots on the Roof.

The Master Certificate in Renewable Energy programme will be comprised of:

  • 6-Day Solar Thermal Boot Camp – focusing on the fundamentals of design and installation of solar water-heating systems;
  • 6-Day Solar PV Boot Camp – covering solar-electric system design, installation, and safety procedures, as well as business and industry topics;
  • 5-Day Wind Energy Boot Camp – concentrating on the design and installation of wind energy systems, including assessment, safety, installation, and troubleshooting.

Boots on the Roof says the renewable energy master certificate programme “is ideal for anyone interested in adding renewable energy sources to their list of specialties, or those wanting to learn more about the field, including general contractors, plumbers, builders, business owners, environmentalists, electricians, construction workers, engineers, and green-energy educators.”

The training classes are offered in Fremont, California starting April 2010.

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