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Greenlots rolls out electric vehicle charging solutions

Singapore-based Zeco Systems Pte Ltd has announced its electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for global markets. The company's Greenlots® solutions allow utilities, municipalities, car park operators, EV manufacturers and distributors to install, own and operate their own local charging network for electric vehicles.

In early 2009, Greenlots introduced Singapore’s first commercial EVs, and has already begun installation of EV charging points at various locations throughout Singapore. Greenlots is signing up its first distribution partners in Europe and Asia-Pacific, ready to target EV ‘hot spot’ cities.

‘The beauty of electric vehicles is that the infrastructure is already in place,’ says Oliver Risse, Managing Director of Greenlots. ‘We have designed Greenlots to be affordable, easy to install, and convenient to use. This makes it simple for our global distribution partners to own and operate their own local networks, and for EVs to proliferate.’

The Greenlots approach is based on usage patterns of electric vehicle drivers, and taps into the existing grid infrastructure in a city. This makes it convenient and affordable for network operators, and accessible for drivers of electric vehicles.

Greenlots solutions allow network operators to utilize existing electricity and parking infrastructures, with limited additional cost, in order to operate a commercial network of charging points. The modular design allows network operators to scale up their networks according to the deployment of EVs in a city. Greenlots networks are managed and monitored via a web-based platform.

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