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eSolar and Ferrostaal partner on solar thermal

eSolar and Ferrostaal AG are partnering on the deployment of turnkey solar thermal power plants in countries including Spain, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

eSolar will provide solar field and receiver technology, while Ferrostaal will provide the power block as well as manage the overall realisation as general contractor, including financing activities.

“This partnership with Ferrostaal is a real coup for eSolar,” says John Van Scoter, CEO of eSolar. “Ferrostaal’s extensive construction capacity and expertise – particularly in the concentrated solar thermal field – together with eSolar’s award-winning technology, offers us the opportunity to rapidly construct solar power projects across the globe in coming years.”

eSolar’s solar thermal tower technology reflects sunlight onto a receiver mounted atop of a tower using mirrors. The receiver generates high-temperature steam powering a turbine producing electricity.

eSolar and Ferrostaal

eSolar of Pasadena, California, USA, develops modular and scalable solar thermal power plant technology. In the summer of 2009, eSolar unveiled the 5 MW Sierra SunTower Plant, a commercial CSP tower facility in North America.

Ferrostaal of Essen, Germany, is a global provider of industrial services in plant construction and engineering.

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