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BIPV: great investment and growth potential

The European building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) market is showing great investment and growth potential as it spreads through Europe, according to Frost & Sullivan.

A recent report from the analyst shows that the European BIPV market in 2007 was estimated at €143 million with a total installed capacity of 25.7 MW for the commercial, residential, industrial and public markets combined.

Currently, there is substantial amount of interest in this market due to its high year on year growth, as well as an increasing number of countries now having legislation supporting BIPV technology.

As it stands, Germany, France, Italy and Spain have the stronger BIPV markets in Europe and are paving the way for European BIPV expansion. Countries such as Greece, Portugal and Switzerland are moving in the same direction. Although still in the preliminary stages, these markets are something for investors to keep their eyes on as they are emerging into potential BIPV hotspots.

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