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T-Solar and Solarpack deliver 173 GWh solar PV to Peru

T-Solar and Solarpack will deliver 173 GWh annually of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy to Peru for 20 years.

T-Solar and Solarpack will develop four 20 MW solar PV plants. Two will be developed and run by T-Solar: Majes Solar 20T and Repartición Solar 20T; and the other two by SolarPack together with T-Solar: Tacna Solar 20T and Panamericana Solar 20TS.

The four solar PV plants are expected be in operation by mid-2012 in the regions of Tacna, Arequipa and Moquegua in the south of Peru.

Peru aims to achieve an output of 1,314 GWh a year by 2012 using renewable sources. Of this, solar technology will account for 181 GWh/year, while biomass will produce 813 GWh/year, wind-power 320 GWh/year and mini-hydro up to 500 MW installed capacity.

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