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Kyocera Solar and Amsolar partnership

Kyocera Solar Inc and Amsolar Corporation will provide solar energy solutions for educational institutions, including strategic financing, system engineering and design, installation, operation and maintenance in North America.

Kyocera and Amsolar are already working on constructing a 1.23 MW system at the University of San Diego, California. Instead of paying for the solar systems, the school has entered into a 25-year power purchase agreement that will reduce their energy costs.

“… Kyocera welcomes AMSOLAR’s Power Purchase Agreement structure enabling schools to install solar while not having to absorb the up-front costs in implementing such systems,” says Steve Hill, President, Kyocera Solar.

“This opportunity came about in part because of our collective work in kicking off one of the 10 largest American college solar power system projects on the University of San Diego campus at the end of 2009,” says Jam Attari, Managing Partner of Amsolar.

“In subsequent conversations, we discovered that our strategies were remarkably similar – seek long term, mutually beneficial partnerships for organisations that help reduce energy costs, lower environmental impact, and expand the benefits of solar well beyond the system itself.”

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