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Florida installs solar energy on emergency shelters

Funding of US$10 million from the State Energy Program will deploy solar energy on schools and emergency shelters in Florida.

Florida has awarded US$10m from American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) grants to the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa Beach. Known as the SunSmart School and E-Shelters (Emergency Shelters) programme, the grant is part of the US$126m received by the state in State Energy Program funding for energy-related initiatives under ARRA.

The solar systems provide electricity during power outages at schools and shelters where the programme is administered. 90 schools selected to serve as emergency shelters will be supported, and strategically-located schools will also install battery backup capacity for their solar PV panels.

Data loggers will be installed at each solar system to upload system information. The programme will also include operation and maintenance workshops for facility managers and energy curriculum workshops for teachers.

The State Energy Program provides opportunities for state agencies, local governments and companies to deploy renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. It advances the use of renewable energy through the installation of solar energy systems, and supports solar energy education initiatives for students and renewable energy curriculum training for teachers.

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Solade Concepts said

26 February 2010
Dear Florida Solar Energy Center,
I do not know how far along you are with your emergency solar structure design, but I currently have a structure that is designed and engineered for this type of system, that I have been working on. I was going to take the concept to the next step and found myself to busy to continue. My solar structure that I currenty manufacture is a perfect fit for your project. It comes in a box that you can bolt together and create a 1.5 kw system in a few hours. It also has a battery back up system available as an option. The sides can be completely enclosed to enable people to get out of the element. If you would like see what the structure looks like, you can go to my web site and go to the solar cabana, as well we have larger units to create more space as well as power. Let me know if you need any other information feel free to contact me anytime. (800) 991-3013 ex. 2 or email

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