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Kyocera achieves 16.6% solar PV efficiency

Kyocera Corporation has achieved 16.6% module efficiency for multicrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic (PV) modules using 54 cells in the development stage.

Kyocera says the efficiency high was achieved through further improvements in its Back Contact technology and solar PV module design to optimise the performance of each cell.

Kyocera’s Back Contact technology moves electrode wiring that is typically arranged on the surface of the solar PV cell to the back side, thus increasing the light capturing surface area to maximise energy conversion efficiency, the Japanese company says.

In the development stage, Kyocera has achieved an energy conversion efficiency of 18.5% for individual solar PV cells.

Specifications of Back Contact module:

  • Module efficiency: 16.6% (total area 13,379 cm²)
  • Conversion efficiency (aperture area): 17.3% (aperture area 12,753 cm²)
  • Number of cells: 54 solar PV cells (cell size: 150 mm x 155 mm)
  • Type of cell: Multicrystalline PV cells

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