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  • “It is time for America to lead again” – on renewables
    In his first address to the Joint Session of Congress on 24 February, US President Barack Obama called on the USA to take a lead on renewable and clean energy.
  • US climate bill – uncertain timing
    Major climate change legislation may not go through the US Congress before 2010, the White House signalled on 23 February.
  • US stimulus bill passed
    The US$789 billion economic stimulus bill, which includes provision for renewable energy, has been passed by the US Congress and endorsed by President Barack Obama.
  • Obama calls for energy independence
    In a speech on 26 January, US President Barack Obama called for US energy independence whilst further outlining his plans for renewables and the environment.
  • US House and Senate proposals for renewable energy
    Just before the House of Representatives passed the US$819 billion economic stimulus package at the end of January, both the House and the Senate issued proposals for renewable energy incentives.
  • Economic stimulus in the USA
    Things appear to be moving fast in Washington, as President Obama already seems to be living up to his promise of supporting renewable energy development. But do those in the industry think his policies will work?


DoE updates on economics stimulus activities

The US Department of Energy (DoE) is publishing updates on its activities in relation to the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009 on its website.

DoE's updates can be found at: website, whereas activities of other federal agencies can be followed on

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