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Sputnik launches central solar inverter series

Sputnik is launching three SolarMax TS solar inverters with rated capacities of 50, 80 and 100 kW and work in the MPP range of 430-800 V.

The solar inverters have improved protection against dirt from the SolarMax C series. In addition, Sputnik has boosted the efficiency from 94.8% to 95.5% and increased the acceptable ambient temperature range by 5°C.

A processor monitors the IGBT switch on the power component which improves operating safety and reliability. Sputnik has replaced the electrolytic capacitors with film capacitors which has extended the useful life of the solar inverters “by several years”.

DC and AC circuit breakers are now accessible from outside. This means that electricians can separate the solar inverter safely from the grid before they open it. Several devices can now be switched off simultaneously using one external switch.

The new Sputnik solar inverters communicate via RS 485 and Ethernet.

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