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Solvay, NedStack contract to build 1 MW PEM fuel cell power plant

Solvay has signed a contract with NedStack fuel cell technology BV in the Netherlands for the delivery of a 1 MW hydrogen fuel cell power plant. This would be the world’s largest polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell installation.

The planned 1 MW fuel cell power plant is based on the proprietary NedStack PEM fuel cell technology. The generator will be connected to the SolVin chlor-alkali plant at Antwerp-Lillo in Belgium. The power plant will utilize by-product hydrogen from its chlorine production process, to generate electricity onsite.

The new project is in cooperation with WaterstofNet, a hydrogen initiative covering the Flanders region of Belgium and the southern Netherlands. The project is supported by the Europe Union, the Flemish government, the Dutch government, and industry, within the Interreg subsidy program. The order, the largest yet for NedStack, has a total value of €4.5 million (US$6.2 million).

Part of the new plant will be used for dynamic testing up to 250 kW. These dynamic tests are important in improving PEM fuel cells for automotive applications like city buses and city distribution trucks.

In addition to demonstrating the economic feasibility and the dynamics of this 1 MW fuel cell power plant concept, the project partners also aim to improve the PEM fuel cell performance and lifetime, as well as reduce the cost.

SolviCore, a joint venture between Solvay and Umicore, will supply the membrane-electrode assemblies (MEAs) for the PEM fuel cell stacks integrated in this power plant. NedStack has selected MTSA Technopower BV in Arnhem to build the mechanical part of the plant.

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