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AMSC: US$70m wind turbine control systems to China

American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) will deliver US$70 million-worth of wind turbine electrical control systems to China’s Shenyang Blower Works Co Ltd (SBW).

The systems will be deployed in the 2 MW doubly fed induction wind turbines that were co-developed with AMSC Windtec™, a wholly owned subsidiary of AMSC.

SBW plans to erect its first 2 MW wind turbine in March 2010 and will be the fourth AMSC customer to enter volume production of advanced wind turbines in China. AMSC expects to begin shipping the electrical control systems to SBW in the second half of 2010 and complete shipments in the first half of 2013.

Su Yongqiang, Shenyang Blower Works President and CEO, says: “Our partnership with AMSC Windtec has helped us quickly launch a new growth engine for our company. We believe SBW will play a key role in China’s build-out of renewable energy in the decades ahead.”

“The magnitude of this electrical control system contract sends a strong signal that Shenyang Blower Works is positioned to be a key player in China’s vibrant wind power market,” adds Greg Yurek, Founder and CEO of AMSC. “The company is planning to begin volume production later this year and sees significant long-term potential for this new line of business. AMSC expects to help every step of the way with its world-class wind turbine engineering, customer service and electrical control technologies and products.”


SBW is a large state-owned enterprise providing a wide array of industrial equipment including large-scale compressors, blowers, fans, heat exchangers as well as large-scale nuclear power pumps, boiler feed pumps and petrochemical pumps.

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