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Acciona increases Spanish wind power capacity 49%

Acciona Energy increased its wind power capacity in Spain by 1308 MW last year, to 3996.8 MW.

Acciona now has 21% of the market share for wind in Spain, according to data from AEE, the Spanish wind power association. It also had the strongest new wind power capacity implementation in the past financial year.

In 2009, Acciona added 50 wind parks to its portfolio of operating wind assets in Spain. 13 of these facilities (397 MW) are located in the region of Valencia; 14 (328 MW) in Andalusia; 13 (309 MW) in Galicia; 7(224 MW) in Castilla-La Mancha; two (47 MW) in Castilla y León and one (3 MW) in Navarra. The company has wind parks in 10 regions of Spain.

The 1308 MW of added capacity includes the 949 MW of wind assets acquired from Endesa after disinvestment in that company, as well as 360 MW of wind capacity from its own installations. The total represents a one-year increase of 49% for Acciona and means the company installed the highest wind capacity in Spain in 2009, with 14.6% of the total capacity installed in the country.

Its manufacturing subsidiary, Acciona Windpower, sold 226.5 MW of wind turbines last year, which represents 9% of total capacity implemented in 2009. This puts the company into third place among wind turbine manufacturers in Spain, with an aggregate total of 1455.6 MW.

Acciona Energy

Acciona Energy has a strong presence in 7 clean energy technologies. It has installed 5% of the world's wind power capacity in 14 countries and manufactures wind turbines. It has two concentrating solar (CSP) plants in operation, as well as solar electric solar PV plants, 79 hydroelectric facilities, three biomass plants, two biodiesel and one bioethanol facility.

Acciona is a Spanish company that operates in infratructure, energy and water services in 30 countries. It has a workforce of 35,000 and 2008 sales of €12,665 million.

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