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Concentrix Solar CPV module IEC certified

Concentrix Solar has received IEC certification 62108 for its CX-75 FLATCON® concentrating solar photovoltaic (PV) module generation.

"The IEC 62108 certificate is an important milestone, confirming that our new CX-75 module is ready for full, commercial deployment in utility-scale electricity production," says Concentrix Solar CEO, Hansjörg Lerchenmüller.

"It attests that our systems are capable of withstanding prolonged exposure in harsh climates and are designed to withstand severe environmental conditions such as rain, hail and high winds."

IEC 62108

The IEC 62108 standard specifies the requirements for the design qualification and type approval of solar CPV modules and assemblies suitable for long-term operation in demanding outdoor conditions. Since 2009, it has been the standard for the certification of CPV modules.

The assessment was performed by the Spanish accredited testing institute CENER (Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables) and certified by the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR).

Concentrix Solar GmbH is a supplier of concentrator PV solar power plants. Concentrix Solar became a division of the French Soitec Group in December 2009.

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