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Solar brings jobs to Arizona

As solar companies set up manufacturing facilities in Arizona, Clean Energy Pioneers says there are now job and revenue opportunities in the Arizonan solar industry.

Amonix announced a solar manufacturing facility in Arizona creating 167 jobs this month; Tempe-based First Solar had earnings of US$1.4 billion in the first 9 months of 2009; and Suntech Power Holdings is expected to announce a solar manufacturing facility near Phoenix.

According to Clean Energy Pioneers, a multi-media project of Western Resource Advocates and Environmental Defense Fund, the economic benefits of solar power are therefore shining brightly in Arizona.

“Thanks to the abundance of sun and innovation, Arizona’s solar companies are creating jobs and building Arizona’s clean energy economy,” says David Berry, Western Resource Advocates Director of Energy Policy Analysis.

“The economic benefits of clean, solar energy mean more home-grown jobs for Arizona,” adds Dan Grossman, Regional Director of Environmental Defense's Rocky Mountain Office. “For Arizonans, the local economic benefits of solar power are shining brightly.”

The report, Arizona Solar Energy and Economics Outlook (2009), examined the potential for expansive solar generation in Arizona to create 32,000 annual construction and installation jobs and US$1.6bn in annual wages over the next 20 years. See download on the right to see the full report.

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