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Global photovoltaic standards

Recognising the need for industry standards at the manufacturing equipment and materials level for photovoltaics (PV), the SEMI PV Group has issued the Global Photovoltaic Standards Roadmap Guidance Document.

The document identifies immediate opportunities for reducing cost and accelerating innovation in thin-film and crystalline silicon cell and module manufacturing through industry standards.

The Roadmap was put together by a team of volunteer experts representing equipment and materials manufacturers, cell makers, third parties and other special interests. The Guidance Document summarises the activities and findings of the first phase of this effort, including the assessment of 80 categories of SEMI Standards developed for the semiconductor and flat panel display industry with respect to their applicability and usefulness for PV manufacturing.

While more in-depth reviews of individual standards need to take place, the core team of experts feels that by identifying ‘applicable’ and ‘possibly applicable’ SEMI Standards for the PV industry, a solid first step in the right direction has been taken.

The guidance aims at providing initial suggestions of standards development and deployment in order to:

  • Reduce manufacturing cost;
  • Streamline and improve the various elements of the manufacturing process;
  • Mitigate risks for operating personnel, facilities and the environment;
  • Create a forward-looking approach to addressing technology advancements, taking into account R&D efforts, government policies and other factors;
  • Collectively develop global, consensus-driven solutions positively influenced by industry stakeholders.

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