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    The US$789 billion economic stimulus bill, which includes provision for renewable energy, has been passed by the US Congress and endorsed by President Barack Obama.


250 MW solar thermal power plant in Nevada

Solar Millennium LLC, NV Energy and MAN Ferrostaal Inc, the joint venture partner of Solar Millennium AG for the construction of solar thermal power plants in the USA, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the joint development of projects in the Amargosa Desert.

A first step will be the design of a US$1 billion parabolic trough power plant with a capacity of 250 MW and thermal storage technology, of the type already used by Solar Millennium in the Andasol 1 and 2 projects in Southern Spain. Solar Millennium began with the development of the project about two years ago.

The parties also plan to cooperate on the development and implementation of further solar thermal power plants in Southern Nevada.

Christian Beltle, Chief Executive Officer at Solar Millennium AG, sees a large market potential for solar thermal power plants in the USA: "Some areas of the southwest of the United States have excellent solar radiation conditions, with up to 2,800 kWh/m²/a, and many of these regions are close to large population centers. In the future, solar thermal power plants will play a big part in covering the electricity requirements in Nevada in a climate-friendly way. We are very much looking forward to cooperating with NV Energy and, taking into consideration the current support from the local authorities, we plan to start construction in 2010."

Josef Eichhammer, CEO at Solar Millennium LLC, says the partners will be able to finance 30% of the project within the framework of President Barack Obama’s Economic Stimulus Bill.

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