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EarthSpark brings solar lighting for Haiti earthquake victims

EarthSpark International, a US-based non-profit operating in Haiti, is raising money to send solar lamps to the country to assist in disaster relief efforts after the earthquakes.

The organisation is working with a coalition of fellow Clinton Global Initiative members to coordinate the supply and distribution of solar powered products in Port-au-Prince.

“Port-au-Prince is without light or power,” says General Wesley K. Clark, former US Army and NATO supreme commander. “EarthSpark and its partners are working to provide thousands of solar lamps and mobile phone chargers. These are a simple and efficient solution that will greatly address both the lighting needs and the security of the devastated communities across Port-au-Prince.”

Companies including SunNight Solar, SunTransfer, D.Light Design, and Barefoot Power are poised to send over 50,000 solar lamps, mobile chargers, and flashlights. The coalition has secured donor commitment for the deployment of 6,500 lamps and 800 mobile phone chargers, which are already en route to Haiti. They are partnering with Partners in Health and relief organisations to distribute these products on the ground.

EarthSpark has also raised funds to install 1.8 kW of solar powered lighting in hospitals run by Partners in Health.

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