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First Israeli commercial solar-thermal power station licensed

Israel’s Minister of National Infrastructures, Binyamin Ben Eliezer, has licensed AORA to provide solar electricity to the national grid at its solar thermal power plant in Israel’s southern Arava region.

According to the developer of applied ultra-high temperature concentrating solar power (CSP) technology, this is the first such license to be granted by the Israeli Government to solar-thermal technology.

AORA's Samar power plant began construction in January, and following the Government’s approval will now begin the final phase of the 100 kW project, commissioning the plant and connecting it to the national power grid.

The company uses a hybrid solution enabling the system to run on solar energy, as well as almost any alternative fuel source, including biogas, biodiesel and natural gas for load balancing.

The Samar power plant consists of a field of 30 heliostats directing sun to a 30 m tower housing a solar receiver along with a 100 kW gas turbine. The power will be fed directly into the national grid.

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