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Spanish solar firm to build large solar electric plant in Italy

Siliken will build one of the largest solar electric photovoltaic (PV) facilities in Italy, with the turnkey installation to be completed by this June.

Siliken has reached an agreement with Alerion Cleanpower of Italy to install 14 MW of solar PV panels in the Italian town of Castellaneta (Taranto, Puglia). It will be one of the largest solar PV installations in Italy with 60,800 Siliken solar modules of 230 Wp each.

The solar facility will generate 22.3 GWh a year of green power and Siliken will maintain the plant for 20 years.

The Siliken solar modules will be installed at a 30º angle, and will be equipped with Siliken's monitoring system for continuous tracking.

Last month, Siliken concluded installation of five solar PV facilities in Puglia, Italy, each of which has 1 MW of capacity. Working with Fotowatio, the installations are Ginosa, Ruffano, Galatone I, Galatone II and Maruggio.

All five installations use a total of 21,021 of Siliken's 230 and 240 W modules, and each solar farm will generate 1.4 GWh a year for the grid. The ground-mounted structures have angles of 30º and 25º since concrete footings are not allowed at solar installations in Italy.

SILIKEN was formed in 2001 and, in 2005, it created Siliken Electronics to manufacture inverters for solar PV facilities. In 2006, it created Siliken Chemicals  to produce electronic-grade silicon for modules, and then formed Siliken Solutions and Siliken Energy to provide turn-key solar PV installations and investment funds.

In 2008, two module production plants opened in Tenerife and San Diego (California) which, combined with factories in Rafelbunyol, Pobla de Farnals (Valencia) and Casas Ibáñez (Albacete), cover a surface area of 40,000 m2.

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