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GE energy information panels to ease energy management

GE is introducing an in-home, multi-function energy information panel to give consumers insight and control to help them manage energy usage and understand costs by linking it wirelessly to a household’s smart meter.

The panels are the result of a development effort between GE and OpenPeak, Inc, a communications technology developer. The device looks like a tabletop picture frame and can be placed virtually anywhere within a home.

With information from GE smart meters combined with dynamic pricing programmes from utilities, the panel can tell consumers the best times to perform high-energy-consumption tasks, such as drying clothes, running pool pumps and washing dishes.

The panels can be programmed to control smart appliances, thermostats and heating and cooling devices – reacting to pricing and demand changes instantly.

Ricardo Cordoba, President of GE Energy Western Europe and North Africa, says: “As part of our smart grid suite of offerings, the panels will empower consumers to better manage their energy usage based on real-time information. The panels will connect consumers with the knowledge they need to be better energy stewards and take charge of their energy use and carbon footprint.”

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