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First Solar cuts solar costs to US$0.98/W

First Solar Inc has reduced its manufacturing cost for solar modules in the fourth quarter to US$0.98/W, breaking the US$1/W price barrier.

“This achievement marks a milestone in the solar industry’s evolution toward providing truly sustainable energy solutions,” says Mike Ahearn, First Solar Chief Executive Officer. 

From 2004, First Solar’s manufacturing costs have declined two-thirds from over US$3/W to less than US$1/W. First Solar also says it is confident that further “significant cost reductions are possible based on the yet untapped potential of its technology and manufacturing process.”

In addition to cutting costs, First Solar aims to have the smallest carbon footprint of any current photovoltaic (PV) technology. To meet this end, First Solar has a pre-funded, end-of-life module collection and recycling programme, recycling more than 90% of each collected solar module into new products.


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