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Suntech introduces utility solar platform

Suntech Power Holdings has introduced Reliathon, an integrated solar platform combining product and business-term innovations to lower costs and accelerate the path to grid parity with the development of utility-scale solar plants.

Reliathon could reduce total system costs by up to 10% and offers increases in revenue potential, with 13.8% more power warranted over the lifetime of the system, Suntech says.

Reliathon combines Suntech solar photovoltaic (PV) module innovations, a new utility-grade warranty for the Suntech module, as well as pre-agreed preferential pricing and business terms with industry-leading inverter and tracking companies Advanced Energy, Array Technologies, Satcon, Siemens Industry and SMA.

Suntech developed Reliathon to combine product and business term innovations including:

  • The new Suntech Reliathon 270 W solar PV module includes self-aligning panels, integrated grounding, and wire management, as well as a new "Two-in-One" design, with two 36-cell regions featuring independent circuits that can create better output on fixed tilt systems in early morning and late afternoon, Suntech says. All module innovations result in less labour time needed to install Reliathon systems as well as significant reductions in material costs;
  • Array Technologies' DuraTrack system was designed specifically for Suntech Reliathon, and makes use of two motors per MW AC versus the typical four motors per MW, further reducing the material costs of the system;
  • The new Suntech Reliathon ground mount system matches Reliathon modules to deliver fixed tilt solutions at lower cost and greater profitability.

Utility-grade Reliathon module warranty

The Reliathon solar PV module includes a 25-year utility-grade warranty offering a 12-year limited product warranty (extended from five years) and a 25-year peak power performance warranty now based on annual degradation instead of 12 and 25-year step-downs. The new annual peak power performance warranty provides Reliathon solar PV module buyers with 13.8% more warranted power over 25 years. Overall, the new terms warrant an industry-leading 85% power output level at 25 years, Suntach says.

Preferential pricing from industry-leading partners

Power plant customers purchasing a Reliathon system will have access to customised Reliathon partner products at preferred pricing and pre-negotiated business terms offered by Advanced Energy, Array Technologies, Satcon, Siemens Industry and SMA, providing greater value over whole system purchase, Suntech adds.

"To make the promising utility scale pipeline a reality, innovation and simplicity have to be driven into every level of the solar value chain -- especially installation, an area that offers huge opportunities for reduction of Balance of Plant costs," says Steven Chan, Chief Strategy Officer, Suntech. "Reliathon gives our customers exactly what they have requested: greater power output at lower cost, combined with a simplified development process."

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