London hydrogen station is step closer to hydrogen fuel cell buses

In the UK, the Olympic Delivery Authority has granted planning permission for a hydrogen refuelling facility to be built in east London. This marks a major milestone in bringing a fleet of five hydrogen fuel cell buses to London.

Transit operator First, which will operate the five hydrogen fuel cell buses, has been granted planning permission for the facility to be located at its bus garage on Temple Mills Lane, Leyton. Work is due to begin in early 2010, and should be complete by next summer. Air Products will supply the hydrogen and refueling equipment, and will also provide specialist maintenance equipment.

The five hydrogen hybrid fuel cell buses are due to join the Transport for London (TfL) bus fleet next year. The fuel cell buses will operate on route RV1, which runs between Covent Garden and Tower Gateway. The fuel cell buses will be refueled and maintained at the Temple Mills Lane site.

‘This is excellent news, which secures the arrival of five zero-polluting hydrogen buses on London’s streets next year,’ comments Kit Malthouse, chair of the London Hydrogen Partnership, and Deputy Mayor for Policing. ‘With the right refueling structure, we can expand our use of hydrogen technology to provide cleaner fuel for transport and greener energy to heat homes and businesses.’

TfL is also applying for additional funding from the Europe Commission, to expand the hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet to eight buses. Hydrogen fuel cell buses will help the Mayor and TfL in their bid to tackle climate change and reduce CO2 in the city.

Transport for London is a member of the Hydrogen Bus Alliance, an international partnership whose members are committed to supporting the continued and rapid development and commercialization of hydrogen technology in the transport sector, through the rollout of hydrogen hybrid and fuel cell buses.

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