SFC Smart Fuel Cell launches most powerful EFOY Pro 2200 on European market

German-based SFC Smart Fuel Cell has unveiled the new EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell, designed for professional users of off-grid industrial applications. SFC Smart Fuel Cell says the new unit offers increased autonomy for applications with its charging capacity of 2200 Wh per day.

The SFC EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell provides reliable, maintenance-free power generation for off-grid industrial systems: from security cameras, measurement and early warning sensors to traffic control systems. The increased output of the EFOY Pro 2200 enhances the range of SFC EFOY Pro fuel cell applications, even allowing operation of devices that require a higher degree of output.

Like all other products in the SFC EFOY Pro Series, the EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell offers maximum flexibility, and can be installed in a variety of off-grid applications. The fuel cells can also be seamlessly combined with other energy sources, such as solar panels. Power supply can be managed remotely through text messaging or via computer.

‘By launching our EFOY Pro 2200, we are responding to strong demand in remote power applications,’ says Dr Peter Podesser, CEO of SFC Smart Fuel Cell. ‘The EFOY Pro 2200 fuel cell generator offers 38% more power in exactly the same package as before. By offering this high-performance power solution, users get even higher autonomy for demanding off-grid devices – at a more attractive energy cost.’

The SFC EFOY Pro Series is available throughout Europe in four different models: EFOY Pro 600, 1200, 1600 and 2200, with a charging capacity from 600 to 2200 Wh per day. All SFC EFOY Pro Series fuel cells obtain their fuel from SFC EFOY fuel cartridges, which are available at more than 1400 sales points across Europe.

SFC Smart Fuel Cell recently launched the SFC Emily 2200 fuel cell, a long-lasting, reliable power supply for on- and off-vehicle defense applications. Integrated into tactical vehicles or in the field, the fuel cell operates as a ruggedized fuel cell power generator, for example as an auxiliary power unit (APU) onboard military vehicles.


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