IdaTech partner in Mexico deploys 43 fuel cell backup power systems

MICROM Electrónica, the Latin America partner of US-based IdaTech, has released details of the largest commercial fuel cell backup power deployment using IdaTech ElectraGen™ systems in Mexico. IdaTech is a leading developer and manufacturer of clean and reliable extended-run backup power products featuring PEM fuel cell technology.

MICROM, a subsidiary of Grupo Condumex, has successfully installed 43 IdaTech ElectraGen XTR extended-run, backup power fuel cell systems in Telcel’s cellular base stations throughout Mexico. Telcel (Radiomovil DIPSA SA de CV) is Mexico’s largest cell phone carrier.

These IdaTech ElectraGen systems will serve as the primary critical backup power at outdoor telecom sites, where their high reliability, extended run time, quiet operation, and low emissions make the IdaTech ElectraGen fuel cell technology an ideal solution.

The IdaTech ElectraGen XTR fuel cell product was developed specifically to address critical backup power solutions in the telecoms market. The ElectraGen XTR uses proprietary IdaTech fuel reforming technology to convert liquid fuel into high-purity hydrogen onsite as needed, providing Telcel with extended-run backup power.

The ElectraGen system provides the 24 or 48 Vdc backup power required by telecoms networks to provide a replacement to traditional solutions such as batteries and diesel generators, but with greater reliability and significantly reduced annual maintenance.

‘This large deployment of IdaTech fuel cell systems in Mexico is another positive sign that uptake of our ElectraGen fuel cell systems is gaining momentum, and builds on yesterday’s announcement that 22 IdaTech ElectraGen systems had been delivered to the US Army by our partner, b+w Electronic Systems,’ comments Hal Koyama, CEO of IdaTech.


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