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“Optical characterisation of PV cells” webinar - guest speaker confirmed

Professor Emanuel Sachs of 1366 Technologies is confirmed as the guest speaker for Renewable Energy Focus’ interactive webinar taking place on Tuesday November 10 (10.00 EST/15.00 GMT), in association with PerkinElmer.

He is currently the Chief Technical Officer of 1366 Technologies Inc. The company's Self Aligned Cell architecture uses innovative, low-cost fabrication methods to increase the efficiency of multi-crystalline solar cells. Developed by Professor Sachs, this architecture improves surface texture and metallisation to enhance silicon solar cell efficiency, while lowering costs. The company's philosophy is to make PV cells cost competitive with coal generated electricity.

His other major achievments include being the inventor of  "String Ribbon", a ribbon crystal growth process for making low cost substrates for solar cells, which is now being commercialised by Evergreen Solar, Inc. of Marlboro, MA.

Professor Sachs is also the Fred Fort Flowers and Daniel Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT and specialises in the design of manufacturing processes.

As the introductory speaker at the webinar, he will introduce some of the challenges that PV manufacturers face today as they develop ever more superior products.

Also speaking will be Dr. Peter Hoedl, director Renewable Energy, PerkinElmer, Inc. and Chris Lynch, North American Sales Development Manager, Material Characterisation Business, PerkinElmer, Inc.

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