b+w supplies IdaTech fuel cell systems to US Army in Germany

German-based b+w Electronic Systems has delivered 22 IdaTech ElectraGen™ fuel cell systems to US Army facilities in Germany. b+w is an OEM partner of US-based IdaTech, a leading developer and manufacturer of extended-run backup power PEM fuel cell products for telecoms applications.

The first 10 IdaTech ElectraGen systems were successfully installed by b+w on 14 September in Grafenwoehr, Germany. The additional 12 systems have been scheduled for deployment to US military sites throughout Germany before the end of 2009.

The installations are in support of the US Army's Infrastructure Modernization (IMOD) program. The IMOD program supports the upgrade and modernization of enterprise enabled voice and data networks worldwide for the US Army.

Military and civilian telecoms networks both require reliable backup power solutions. These must operate for several hours or days when electricity is no longer available due to severe weather, natural disasters, or poor grid quality.

The IdaTech ElectraGen fuel cell system was developed specifically to provide critical backup power to the telecoms sector when loss of grid occurs. ElectraGen products can be powered by hydrogen or by the proprietary IdaTech fuel reformer system, which converts liquid fuel into high-purity hydrogen onsite as needed.

The ElectraGen provides 24 or 48 Vdc backup power for telecoms applications, and is a replacement for traditional solutions such as batteries and diesel generators, but with greater reliability and significantly reduced maintenance.

‘The 22 unit installation is the largest fuel cell install by b+w, and confirms our commitment in fuel cell technology,’ comments Dirk Weniger, business unit manager at b+w Electronic Systems.

The IdaTech portfolio of industry-certified PEM fuel cell products is based on the company’s fuel processing, purification, and fuel cell system integration capabilities. With the support of strategic partners and customers, IdaTech extended-run backup power products are being deployed worldwide for stationary applications.

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