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South Australian Government unveils plans to make better use of renewable energy and storage

The South Australian (SA) Government has outlined a strategy to update the South Australian power system, while making greater use of renewable energy and storage.

According to the Clean Energy Council, SA Premier Jay Weatherill announced plans that include:

  • Building the biggest battery in Australia to store solar and wind power, part of a new Renewable Technology Fund that supports renewable energy;
  • Building a 250MW gas-fired power plant to deliver back-up power and system stability for SA;
  • Incentivising increased gas production to ensure more of SA’s  gas is sourced and used in the state;
  • Introducing an Energy Security Target to ensure the power system uses more cleaner energy generated in SA

“South Australia operates in a national energy market. The development of a long-term national approach, clear market signals and reform of our outdated energy market in partnership with the Federal Government will be essential for the successful transition of Australia’s energy system,” Clean Energy Council CEO Kane Thornton said.

The Clean Energy Council  also reported that energy storage is going to be important for Australia’s energy future, and the SA government’s funding for new large-scale battery technology will help accelerate its adoption and start to reduce its reliance on increasingly expensive gas power: "Reform of the energy market will be important to “unlock the massive private sector investment opportunity in renewable energy and energy storage in South Australia. A broad range of technologies and solutions from local and international businesses are now competing to meet this demand."

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