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GenCell fuel cell technology for backup power capability at San Diego Gas & Electric

The Israeli fuel cell developer and manufacturer GenCell has announced a strategic partnership with San Diego Gas & Electric in California, which has been working alongside GenCell to test how fuel cells can contribute to its efforts to be the cleanest, most reliable energy company in the US.

The partnership between GenCell and SDG&E is now entering a new stage, as the energy company begins the installation of 30 GenCell G5rx fuel cell backup power systems at its substations.

If the grid goes down, the alkaline fuel cells enable SDG&E substations to keep the breakers and controls in an operational mode. The GenCell G5rx will automatically charge utility backup batteries and keep them at full power for up to 10 times longer than normal battery rooms, allowing SDG&E to quickly restore power to its customers.

‘We have seen many large and high-profile businesses adopt our technology over the last few years, but we are particularly proud to welcome SDG&E,’ says Gil Shavit, chairman of GenCell. ‘With significant interest across the world, it’s clear that fuel cell technology will be commonplace among all world leading energy businesses in the future.’

GenCell recently reported several successful deployments of its innovative 5 kW GenCell G5 alkaline fuel cell backup power solution, with installations in Israel and in the Latin American telecom sector.

The GenCell G5rx version produces 5 kW of steady power, and can be used to keep utility batteries charged for 40 h or more, maintaining them at full charge even after the system is back online.

Using an innovative proprietary Network Operations Center system (NOC), all necessary performance monitoring, analysis and maintenance can be done remotely, making the GenCell G5rx backup solution an ideal replacement for high-maintenance diesel generators.

The GenCell G5rx also supports ‘black start’ operations, a restoration process that eliminates the need for standby diesel generators. Using GenCell’s energy management software, a utility company can combine multiple GenCell G5rx units, generating an integrated frequency to support a ‘black start’ corridor process.

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